Girl Tribe Love

Hey Sis! This was a very long week, and March was a very long DAY! Something amazing happened this week, and it was nothing short of pure magic! You know I'm a stickler for SISTERHOOD. and by now you should know that it means the absolute world to me! This week though, gave me a whole new level of sisterhood vibes and I am STILL over the moon! 

All of us have a set of girlfriends that we do everything with right? The girl trips, the movie dates, and the binge watching of shows sometimes can't be complete without our clique! I get it, but have you ever had a friend that you have never met in person, but you know without a doubt that person has your back. It's never been tested tested, like when your friend has to have your back inside of the bar because some guy just doesn't understand the word NO, but you're willing to bet money she is DTR. Down to ride! I met someone like that over good ole Instagram, and from there this short month was history. 

if you aren't following @zeninajar do so NOW! She has some amazing products and some extremely dope stuff in store every week that you don't want to miss! This thing she calls body honey, WHEW CHILE! Your significant others, and a few others in the room are going to be SWEATING, you hear me? This stuff is God's gift AND his plan! Lol! I met Nikki on Instagram a few weeks back, and although I can't remember how I came across her page, I am blessed to have done so. We briefly chatted about her being featured inside one of the Sisterhood Boxes, and to make a long story short it ended up being the March Box we made official. After a few weeks we talked about invoices yada yada and she ended up sharing some awesome news with me, and the feeling of happiness I got FOR HER, made me realize just how much her energy had captured me! Great genuine and positive energy has always been my weakness! I was happy as if I had known this woman my entire life! Moving forward she stated, I'm going to make a post about being featured inside the box if that's OK, and I'm like cool. It was the night before my new website was set to launch but it was no biggie. Little did I know her tribe was something like Beyonce's Beehive! 

I'm in the middle or working on my site at approximately 7:30, and every time I reach the home button I'm seeing a high number of visitors on my page which is unusual for that time of night. I couldn't wrap my head around it, but something was most definitely happening! From my phone, I head to Instagram and notice I have been tagged! She made a post about being featured in the box and her tribe was ON IT! They were ready to support another brand, because of her connection to it! At the end of it all, it was my best 24 hour day since we launched one year ago! I am still super excited and honored to have come across such an amazing individual and the people who love her so much! 

It made me instantly think about what having a tribe means, and why it is important to have a group of individuals around you that are ready to support you and your dreams! I realized that night that it is your tribe that keeps you going, when things seem to be hard or a challenge. Not only was Nikki supportive of my dreams offering to pay full price for her very own Sisterhood Box, but so were all of her friends and supporters! I am extremely lucky for our tribes to have joined together! 

Do you have a tribe? If so, how have they helped you KEEP GOING! Talk to me sis by leaving a comment! 


Your Sister, Kiara. 


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