Who are you rooting for?

If you are a woman right now, you know shit can be tough. Even more so for a black woman. And you’re not just a black woman, you’re a mother, sister, student, you work full time, and you’re more than likely running a business as we are the fast growing set of entrepreneurs in the universe right now. Shit is very tough but you make a point to push through because not only do you have others counting on you, but you have YOU counting on you too. I want you to know that you have women out there, who are rooting for you. I’m rooting for you, but there is something important I want to ask you. Who are you rooting for? 

I”m going to be very honest. When I first started Boxed Siserhood, I was face first into my business. I put every single penny into it, and while I saw the many posts of other women starting businesses, I could not support them at the time. I NEEDED every penny to go into my dreams, and could not imagine giving what could help me grow away. I was quite selfish. I was very naive in thinking I had to be ALL ABOUT ME. In my mind I was like who else is goin to do it? I wanted to support others, but I thought that it would somehow put me ten steps behind. Now before you come here to judge, first respect my transparency and honestly please. Everyone has a growth season. 

It wasn’t until January of 2019 that I had an entirely new wake up call. There are women supporting me, and their lights are not any dimmer. In fact they are BRIGHTER. I realized that sisterhood was more than just about helping each other in one way, but in EVERY WAY we can! I started sewing the seeds that were sewn into my dream and I felt amazing doing it! I had every one rooting for me, and I forgot to cheer some sisters on too! The rewards in doing so internally, is the most amazing feeling besides motherhood. 

I am going to share my growth journey with you every step of the way, and completely real. You have to understand I am human, and make no mistakes that I did not want to help other sisters, I just didn't think I could afford to while growing my dreams. I had no loans, no help other than my husband, and no job. I was strapped for cash. Now though, I will sacrifice a cheeseburger, If that means I can support my fellow sisters. Who are you rooting for? Tell a sister today you are proud of her and to keep going! We can ALL win! And we will! 

Till next time, love you sis! 


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