The Self Care Seat is here!

Hey Self Care Sis! 

If you're here, you've accepted our invite to sit in the SEAT! The Self Care Seat that is! This is our new blog, where we talk about Self Care, what it means, how it feels, it's importance, and the best ways to show it! 

We're also going to discuss here, every 30th of the month, about the SELF CARE SURVIVAL KIT! What's that? Whew chile you're SLEEP! But that's OK, sleep is great for self care so we won't get onto you this time! 

The Self Care Survival Kit is also new, and it's a box full of goodies to help women like us, put ourselves first by way of self care! These will include items like the much needed skincare, hair care, things that promote mental and physical wellness, and even the occasional READ! Oh no, we're sisters, not that kinda read (all though if you need it girl I got you!) In this case we're talking about a good book. We're thinking of squeezing in Gabrielle Union's latest book soon, "We're Going To Need More Wine." We really liked that one! 

So where was I? Oh yes, so on the 30th of every month, we'll meet here, and discuss the Self Care Survival Kit for that month. We'll also have what we call the HOT TEA (things we loved inside the box) or the COLD SOUP (things we were not too fond of!) It's a must we discuss both so we can learn more about our Self Care Tribe! Don't be afraid to talk up here, because it'll help us curate better boxes in the future! It's a proven fact we're less likely to participate in self care, if it's something we hate. (Think that damn treadmill, uugghhh!)

Lastly, this is a place of honestly, love, sisterhood, and self care. We all need to take care of ourselves more, myself included. We all too often put motherhood, work, and being wives before we actually just be who we were before all of that. US! Remember when we had just hit those 20's and we stayed ON TOP of everything like hair, nails, etc? Welcome back sis. It's time for some serious SELF CARE! Take a seat! 

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  • Canecia Davis

    Alright now! I’m here for it!

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