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The Founder's Story.

   I'm Kiara. The eldest of 18 children all from my mother, born in Tallahassee, Fl. Ok, I'll go back since you can't believe it, lol. Yes, the eldest of 18. My mother had 9 boys and 9 girls, and yep, we all lived together until we one by one decided that we could probably use some space. (I was first, naturally, lol) While wanting to break the generational cycle for my siblings is a priority, it's only a fraction of the reason I was strong enough to start Boxed Sisterhood. 

The time had come. I had enough. Life gave me lemons, and I wasn't even thinking about lemonade. I experienced sexual abuse by a family member at the age of 4, and had been physically abused by my mother since I could remember. At the age of 15 I had met my first abuser outside of family, and unfortunately my second one in my adult years. I had no sense of self worth, self love, or anything in between. I too became the TOXIC one in other relationships due to harboring years of pain, and having no idea how to even began to get better.                                                                                           

As I looked around, I really didn't have any STURDY friends. I had some bomb a** friends when I was younger, but in my adult years nothing was FOREVER. Friends today because we agree, enemies tomorrow because we don't. I don't blame them, because we had all come from a generation where it just wasn't taught. Friendships then meant hanging out, not truly consoling one another and helping each other grow. As I stated before, as an adult woman, i craved real SISTERHOOD. I needed sisters. While I am the eldest of 18 children, (yes they are all from my mom) i was just that, THE ELDEST. They were looking up to me for the advice and guidance, and I never had any because I too was damaged. It wasn't until about 2-3 years ago that I really started to become aware of mental health, and what role it played in the homes of black families. Last year I was able to label the uneasiness I felt whenever I got onto the interstate, or in a room full of people I didn't know. Once I knew I experienced anxiety quite often, I than began to learn about the other state I was in nearly 70 percent of the time called depression.

These things were not easy to face, and when I had to face them alone, it became even more scary. That's when I thought, if I was afraid to do this alone, there must be others too. I knew that my craving for sisterhood, is the same craving my fellow sisters probably had too. Thus, Boxed Sisterhood was born. There's no shortage of boxes to send you beauty products, and coffee mugs. I needed more, and sis, so do you. We need a circle of sisters supporting each other mentally, financially, and emotionally. While we will be sending those items as well, because I'll admit I LOVE COFFEE MUGS, we'll make sure sisterhood is knocking at your door too every month! Sisterhood & Self Care is now being Delivered. Let's HEAL, BOND, LOVE, and SLAY SISTER!